Pulvis inulae compositus = compound powder of elecampane.

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Pulvis inulae compositus = compound powder of elecampane.


Pharmaceutical industry--Virginia--Shenandoah County.


Instructions for the use of this pharmaceutical. Includes one label at bottom of sheet, 4 x 9 cm., within border of type ornaments.


Henkel, Solomon, 1777-1847.


Henkel Press




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1 broadside ; 23 x 14 cm.






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Compound Powder of Elecampane.
This powder is a very useful cathartic, operating mildly, and yet effectually. It is used in looseness, and other diseases connected with a laxity or debility of the intestinal canal ; it evacuates the bowels of their vitiated contents, and acts upon them as a gentle tonic. In the treatment of indigestion it is a useful purgative ; and where, from debility of the digestive organs, much acid is generated, it corrects and evacuates the crudities, and thereby removes spasms, pains and gripings in the bowels. It also promotes perspiration and expectoration, and therefore is very useful to remove the pain in pleurisy, cures spitting of blood, catarrh, coughs, phthisic, and other affections of the chest.

Directions for using this powder.
A grown person can take a table spoonful of this powder, in half a tea-cupful of fresh water, every four hours, until it begins to purge, then no more during that day. If it cannot be taken in this manner, each dose may be made into tea, by pouring nearly a tea cupful of boiling water over it, and after it has become cold it may be strained through a flannel or linen rag, and then taken cold.

It may be taken every day, or every other or third day, as it may be found necessary, always beginning to use it in the morning early.

A child of one year old, may take one eighth part of a table-spoonful; a child of two years old, one fifth ; of three, one fourth; from three to five, one third; from five to seven, one half; from seven to fourteen, two thirds ; and over fourteen, as a grown person.

Should the doses obove directed not purge any the first day, larger doses may be taken every day, until it is ascertained what quantity is sufficient to keep the bowels moderately open.

The days on which this powder is taken, the diet and drink are to be as follows :
The DRINK may be, milk whey, water gruel, balm tea, tea of wheat bran or of straw berry tops, barley tea, store tea, lemonade, chicken broth having the fat skimmed off, or weak beef broth, or the liquor of boiled dried apples, peaches, pears, or cherries, or of fresh apples cut into slices and boiling water poured over them, or cold water poured over slippery elm bark. These drinks may be drank cold or warm, as they agree best.

The DIET may be, roasted apples, gruels, or rice boiled in milk or in chicken-broth; also weak soups of any kind, toasted bread moistened with cream and sweetened with sugar; also, pies, tarts, boiled fruits, coffee, chocolate, and butter-milk.

Refrain from spirits, sweet milk, cider, beer, much cold water, hard salted food, butter, cheese, eggs, sour crout, puddings, beef, bacon, and pork.
This powder is prepared only in New-Market, Shenandoah, Va. by

Pulvis Inulae Compositus.
Compound Powder of Elecampane,
prepared only in
New-Market, Shenandoah county, Va., by
Price 50 cts.

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