Presented by Mary Geil to Jacob Geil, Virginia.

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Presented by Mary Geil to Jacob Geil, Virginia.


Fraktur art


Labyrinth with manuscript text and colored illustrations. Likely by Mary Wenger Geil (1833-1909), who was married May 15, 1851, to Jacob Geil (1828-1917). This would place the date between ca. 1850 and 1909.


Geil, Mary Wenger, 1833-1909.




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39 x 32 cm.




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Presented by Mary Geil to Jacob Geil Virginia
I have penned an Emblem
of true love that has no End
crossing winding Turning twisting
in and out Never ceasing
turning Round about you
see its Lines and Crosses there so
A Beauty proves to be a snare
for by the influence of true love
I find men are Bereaved of heart and mind
So fairest creature look with pitty Down
and do not on A faithful faithful Servant frown
But Pardon him that Doth thy love desire
and doth Delight thy beauty to admire
for So my dear
but Let thy good Shine in beams of Comfort
from a pensive mind that my ravished Soul
Raised by thy Smiles may Pass to rurals Bliss
forgetting of its toils that true love may be Still
in blissful action and Ever be tending to perfection
So then these crosses in the knot of love will be disdained
when we so truly love
when though (thou?) hearest this crossing winding line
be pleased to keep it And preserve thine
nor Let A Craving Eaching Ear Be pleased with hearing
how my mind to the have cast
that true love is not for Jacob Geil

1 When first I herd my fair one, Sweetly Say
2 She has undesigned Stole my heart away
3 By One She has now to much since I have none
4 I will begg of her to Change or else Return my own

Remember me when far away
Remember me the parting day
Remember me when love is sweet
Remember me till next we meet

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